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Crowdfunding Eyob



Eyob comes from a family of three children and is being raised by a single mother who can’t work because of serious health problems. Education for Hope has been supporting Eyob’s family since 2008. When we successfully installed running water in their home, Eyob could finally stop walking an hour every morning, before going to school, to fetch water.


Eyob is talented and intelligent. His dream is to attend university and become an architect or engineer. Last year he successfully obtained his high school diploma and, in September 2016, has started studying at the University of Addis Ababa, thanks to a generous donation.


George Kunz’ family and friends raised funds, in George Kunz’ memory, so that Eyob could attend the first year of university; we were also able to buy him a laptop.


Eyob is highly motivated and very dedicated to his studies.


Our goal to set up a four year university scholarship for Eyob. We need your help to achieve our goal! We plan to raise € 4000, which will cover costs and tuition so that Eyob can complete his university degree.


Education for Hope pays for the education of children/young adults from elementary school all the way to high school. We want to continue helping Eyob study and have made an exception for him. We believe he can make a difference, not just for his family but also for his country.

Help us make Eyob's dream come true!

Already 13 people donated!
€ 875 collected! 
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